How to raise a concern?

How to raise a concern?

Any employee who has a concern and believes in good faith that a law, policy, or the Sanofi Code of Conduct has been or is about to be violated has the duty to raise it. These concerns should be reported to the Speak-up Helpline, which is a safe channel operated by a third-party vendor and overseen by the Ethics and Business Integrity department.

Reports to the Speak-Up Helpline can be made through a web-form or via a toll-free number available to employees, contractors and business partners in multiple languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system allows reporters to check and follow-up on their reports and to also check if responses, updates, or requests to provide further details or information have been posted.

All countries excluding North America

North America

Reporting of concerns can be made anonymously; however, anonymity may limit the ability to fully and thoroughly assess or investigate a concern.

In addition to the Speak-Up Helpline, employees can raise a concern with their line managers, human resources, or via another channel that an employee considers to be the most appropriate. Whatever channel an employee uses to speak up, they will not be subject to discipline or discrimination, if they act in good faith and with no malicious intent, even if the facts reported prove to be inaccurate or no further action is taken.

Any employee to whom a concern has been reported must promptly raise it to the Speak-Up Helpline or the relevant Ethics and Business Integrity Business Partner.