Discover our Code of Conduct

Sustaining Good Operating Practices

At Sanofi we manufacture and distribute products of the highest quality worldwide to improve people’s lives.

At Sanofi, we are proud of our products, and we value patient and stakeholder trust in them. To earn and sustain that trust, we manufacture and package our products according to the highest quality standards. We rely on our dedicated people who work in our factories and on cutting-edge technologies to ensure product quality throughout its lifecycle. We seek continuous improvement in our manufacturing standards and ensure alignment with all applicable regulatory requirements and current good manufacturing practices. We work closely with worldwide health authorities to maintain all necessary licenses and certificates to operate our production facilities. We regularly audit our industrial sites, suppliers, and other business partners to ensure the highest quality of our products and their components.

We apply Good Distribution Practices to ensure that our products are transported under conditions guaranteeing their security and quality.

How we Maximize Opportunities

  • By cultivating a culture of quality to pursue continuous improvement and innovation, embrace the benefits of new technologies and optimize risk taking throughout our organization.
  • By adhering to the highest quality standards in our operating practices, we help ensure the best medicines reach those who need them while safeguarding patient and stakeholder trust in our medicines.
  • By routinely implementing proven technologies into our operating practices that allow Sanofi to offer new and best-in-class medicines.
  • By leveraging digital solutions to improve our manufacturing, packaging, supply operations.
  • By enhancing our methods to produce active ingredients.
  • By maintaining a strong supply chain to ensure access to Sanofi medicines worldwide and on time.

How we Minimize Risks

  • We systematically identify and manage health, safety, and environmental risks over the entire value chain of our products and services.
  • We manufacture high-quality products that meet all regulatory requirements and pursue quality beyond compliance with regulation in both our products and processes.
  • We protect patient safety by identifying, assessing, and managing any product-related risks in a timely manner.
  • We are highly committed to ensure Quality in researching, developing, and providing safe and efficacious products for our patients.
  • We closely engage with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with their requirements.
  • We ensure oversight of our supply chain and product deliveries and transport medicines under conditions guaranteeing their security and quality.
  • We perform regular audits of Sanofi industrial sites, suppliers, and other business partners to ensure that only products that meet our high-quality standards are made and delivered.