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Maintaining Financial Integrity

We are committed to the integrity of Sanofi’s financial activities to realize our purpose, ensuring our role as a trusted partner in serving public health needs and expanding health innovation. Financial integrity is vital to protect the patients we serve as well as our employees, stakeholders, and the financial markets.

Therefore, Sanofi’s financial records are designed to ensure that we do not mislead investors, legislators, authorities and the public about financial aspects of our company.

As a publicly listed company, Sanofi has a responsibility to generate and maintain accurate books, records, and accounts as well as to file accurate financial statements that embrace transparency through the public disclosure of material information. In addition to robust internal controls and procedures for financial reporting that foster conformity with generally accepted accounting principles, our financial integrity extends to a strict prohibition on insider trading and money laundering. Sanofi complies with governing tax rules, restrictions on denied or restricted parties, and inquiries from internal and external auditors.

How we Maximize Opportunities

  • By upholding trust and confidence in our business from the patients we serve as well as our employees, stakeholders, and the financial markets.
  • By embracing transparency of accurate material information through public disclosure.
  • By positioning ourselves as a preferred partner in financing and contracting activities that are foundational to our innovation and delivery of products and services for patients.
  • By making better decisions based on complete, accurate, and timely information.
  • By enabling the deployment of financial resources for their intended and approved purpose, strengthening our agility to meet business objectives and directing capital where it is needed.
  • By positioning Sanofi as a leader in strengthening links between our world’s sustainability and our financial performance.

How we Minimize Risks

  • We maintain robust procedures to generate and maintain complete, accurate, and timely books, records, and accounts that reflect our activities.
  • We maintain robust controls over financial reporting that enable Sanofi to conform to generally accepted accounting principles.
  • We maintain confidentiality of material information prior to public disclosure and disclose material non-public information only to persons who need to know this information.
  • We prohibit trading based on confidential information for personal profit, as well as “tipping” others so they may do so.
  • We have strong policies that do not tolerate any bribe or other favor to influence a decision of another person or entity that may impact Sanofi’s business.
  • We provide complete, accurate, and timely responses to internal and external auditors who evaluate our financial statements.
  • We conduct reviews to comply with restrictions on denied or restricted parties.
  • We uphold rules and programs to prevent and combat money laundering.
  • We fulfill our role as a responsible corporate organization by paying taxes in the jurisdictions in which we operate.
  • We adhere to a formal contracting process in order to maintain the rights we have granted and obligations we have undertaken with persons or entities outside Sanofi.
  • Safeguarding Data Privacy and Protecting Information

    Sanofi is committed to data privacy and information security at every level of our organization for the benefit of patients, our employees, and stakeholders and to ensure full compliance with regulatory obligations.

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  • Competing Freely and Fairly

    Sanofi strives to deliver better outcomes for patients, communities, and stakeholders by providing groundbreaking therapies at the right time and for the right reasons. We support a level playing field in which companies freely and fairly chase the miracles of science without undue advantage.

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  • Fighting Bribery and Corruption

    Sanofi does not tolerate any form of bribery or abuse of power for personal gain, both among our employees and business partners, as well as among stakeholders involved in chasing the miracles of science to improve patients’ lives.

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  • Utilizing Social Media and Communicating Responsibly

    At Sanofi, we ensure that our stakeholders can hear from and engage with us, including through social media and digital platforms. We recognize this requires us to communicate responsibly and are fully committed to doing so.

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