Sanofi Culture and Strategy

Our purpose and ambition

We are one Sanofi, a modern healthcare company bringing together dedicated, talented people and innovative science to transform the practice of medicine. Today, we are driven by a unifying purpose: we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. We share a common ambition: turning the impossible into the possible for millions of people around the world.

We are committed to society, getting medicines to the people who need them most, taking better care of the planet and reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve.

Our Play to Win strategy

Our bold strategy is based on four key priorities:

  • We focus on growth, prioritizing our portfolio to strengthen our company profile.
  • We lead with innovation, bringing transformative therapies to our patients.
  • We accelerate efficiency, taking decisive actions to reinvest in our pipeline.
  • We reinvent how we work, creating an organizational culture that empowers our people and promotes accountability.

Our integrated Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy focuses on four building blocks aligned with our Play to Win core business strategy:

  • We commit to affordable access, ensuring global access and affordability to health, while helping healthcare systems to remain sustainable
  • We are at the cutting edge of Research and Development for unmet needs, helping people live fully.
  • We care for the Planet, minimizing the environmental impact of our business.
  • We act in and beyond the workplace, giving all Sanofi colleagues the chance to become a leader of change, unlocking the potential of our diverse teams.

Our employee value proposition

Our promise to our employees is to pursue progress and discover extraordinary together: better science, better medications, better outcomes. All that progress needs people. People from diverse backgrounds, in various places around the world, performing distinct roles all united by one thing: a desire to chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives.

As Sanofians, we are those people who:

  • Explore more, sharing our purpose and our skills.
  • Chase change and embrace innovative ideas.
  • Do right for our business, patients, society and the planet. We are committed to making the right decision and taking action even when it is the harder thing to do.
  • Make miracles, taking thoughtful risks to find better solutions for the people we serve.

Our culture and behaviors

We want everyone to be in a position to play to win, bringing their whole selves to work.

Our purpose is enabled and activated by four key behaviors:

  • We stretch

    we challenge ourselves to work smarter not harder, to take thoughtful risks and dare to try new things because we believe better is out there.

  • We take action

    we make informed decisions and are proactive about delivering results. We prioritize what will have greatest impact, take personal responsibility for getting things done and look for solutions to problems.

  • We act for patients and customers

    we ensure that we support our pipeline by using our time and money resourcefully and we take inclusive, informed decisions that will best serve our communities.

  • We think One Sanofi

    we put our Purpose first by doing the right thing, sharing with and learning from each other, and prioritizing collective progress.

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