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Commercialization of Products and Services

Sanofi is committed to the sustainable and long-term success of our company aligned with our strategy. In order to uphold our purpose and ambition, we work with all stakeholders to help ensure our commercialization approach promotes patient and societal welfare, complies with laws and regulations, and operates ethically and with integrity.

We develop innovative products and services that help to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases, thus improving people’s lives. Across the entire product lifecycle, we are committed to high ethical standards, earning patients’ and stakeholders’ trust. Chasing the miracles of science to improve people’s lives requires a life sciences ecosystem that rewards innovation and ensures that all patients who need our products and services have access to them.  We are committed to bringing forward new products and services with a sense of urgency and continuously improving those products and services as well as our business processes.

How we Maximize Opportunities

  • By pursuing a commercialization approach that drives vital resources towards meeting underserved health needs, improving research and development, strengthening supply chain resilience, and expanding access for current and future patient welfare.
  • By working with diverse stakeholders in order to commercialize the very best products and services possible, so that we maximize benefits for patients.

How we Minimize Risks

  • We take a commercial approach for new products which is rooted in our Global Access and Pricing Principles, which take into account four criteria:
    • overall added value of the products
    • availability or anticipated availability of similar treatments
    • ability of countries to afford new medicines
    • unique factors specific to the medicine or vaccine at the time of launch
  • We strive for rapid, broad and equitable access to our products and services, regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.
  • We are transparent in our commercialization approach, including in such areas as the information we provide about our products and the disease states they impact, the data we collect and our product supply.
  • We promote our products and services ethically, with integrity and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We design communications about our products and services to be accurate, balanced, and not misleading.