At Sanofi, we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives.

This common purpose, bold yet humble, unites all Sanofi employees across the world in our ongoing quest to make life better for the people and communities we serve. It is the compass that guides us in the work we do every day.

But our purpose is more than just words; it’s the actions we take to earn the trust of our stakeholders – and the way we show up for one another – that really matters. Embracing our Play to Win behaviors, sticking to a clear, long-term strategy and creating a culture that allows people to bring their whole selves to work, ignites our progress while maintaining the utmost ethical standards.

Our Code of Conduct summarizes all these elements.

It is our company’s “constitution” and a pre-requisite, mandatory read for all Sanofi employees and those we do business with.

It also represents a public commitment to our stakeholders – healthcare professionals, patients, scientists, investors – who are entitled to know what we as Sanofians value and how we are playing to win with integrity.

As a world leader in healthcare, we have a responsibility to be both ethical in our endeavors while also striving for change that matters. It is our mission to contribute to elevating the voice of patients, highlighting the importance of scientific innovation, and building sustainable healthcare systems with all of our stakeholders.

Just as our society continues to evolve and modernize, so must we. Whether technological, scientific or cultural, we are always adapting. The data and digital revolution has only begun to reshape healthcare systems. The mobilization for greater social justice and equity calls for quick, concrete corporate actions. The fight against climate change requires long-term planning. As a company, we must understand and mitigate the risks these evolutions can have on our operations and reputation, and, of equal importance, leverage the opportunities they can bring to help us create real, measurable impact.

Every employee has a responsibility to uphold Sanofi’s values and a role to play in driving our success as a modern healthcare company. A company that is always focused on conducting business responsibly and respecting human rights. A company that takes thoughtful risks to develop breakthrough medicines and vaccines and make them accessible to people who need them as quickly as possible. A company that puts diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as health and environmental sustainability at the core of its ambitions. A company that is always focused on doing the right thing, the right way.