We work in an industry whose purpose is to innovate to save people’s lives and preserve public health.

Such a unique purpose comes with heightened expectations. Responsible innovation is therefore at the heart of everything we do and this Code of Conduct supports us along that journey.

As the world confronts tremendous change and technological innovation grows exponentially, we venture into the unknown in the pursuit of the miracles of science. Many of the decisions and challenges we will face will be less black or white, but a lot grayer. Ethics and innovation will be our compass, guiding us and allowing us to succeed in our mission to discover the extraordinary. It will differentiate us from the others: what we call Play-to-Win with Integrity.

The traditional boundaries of the company are broadening and shifting from enterprise to ecosystem. Hence our conviction that Sanofi’s commitment to integrity must extend beyond our employees and business partners. This includes our engagement with patients, healthcare professionals, providers, payers, authorities, NGOs, IGOs and many more to shape a responsible healthcare ecosystem.

Improving the lives of millions of people around the world through ground-breaking health innovation requires a culture that is driven by trust, integrity and thoughtful risk-taking.

Avoiding excessive caution and carelessness allows us to find the right balance between opportunities and risks, to make bold and informed choices, always putting patients first.

Ethics-by-design, Thoughtful Risk Taking, simplified ways of working, co-design with stakeholders, sustainability and transparency are fundamental building blocks of our strategy.

Tomorrow’s most valuable and enduring companies will be those that support such efforts today.

Having the courage to do the right thing, at the right time and for the right reason, by upholding our commitment to integrity every day in each act we undertake is our True North. This is rooted in organizational justice and psychological safety, including an openness to speak-up, challenge the status quo and give opinions without fear of retaliation.

This Code of Conduct covers the dimensions we believe are essential to achieving our commitment to patients and society, including our actions to maximize opportunities and mitigate risks in each of these areas of our business.

Our employees and partners have access to a variety of resources and initiatives supporting the Code of Conduct. We also recognize the rapidly changing landscape we work in and Sanofi is dedicated to continuous learning and improvement over time.

We count on all of you to Play Your Part and become true ambassadors of our Code of Conduct. That’s how we will accelerate our cultural transformation and pursue our noble purpose.