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Homepage: Yann Audic

Message from Paul Hudson: Jean Chiscano

Message from Julien Durand: Christel Sasso /CAPA PICTURES

Sanofi Culture and Strategy: Vincent Fournier / We stretch: Vincent Fournier / We take action: Vincent Fournier / We act for patients and customers: Oscar Siagan / We think one Sanofi: Yann Audic

Ethics and Risk Culture: Yann Audic

Championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Yann Audic

Respecting People, Fostering Psychological Safety and Wellbeing: Yann Audic

Safeguarding Data Privacy and Protecting Information: Yann Audic

Commercialization of Products and Services: Vincent Fournier

Engaging Business Partners: Yann Audic

Competing Freely and Fairly: Pavel Golovkin / Capa Pictures

Fighting Bribery and Corruption: Yann Audic

Protecting the Environment: Frederik Wissink/Capa pictures

Commiting to Society: DNDi

Utilizing Social Media and Communicating Responsibly: Yann Audic

Preserving Benefit-Risk Balance: Aleksandar Nakic – Getty Images

Accelerating Research and Development with Scientific Integrity: Vincent Fournier

Interacting with Stakeholders: Yann Audic

Maintaining Financial Integrity: Yann Audic

Sustaining Good Operating Practices: Martin Joppen

Transforming Medecines through Digital Health: Satellite My Love

How to raise a concern: Yann Audic

To whom the code applies: Yann Audic