Code of Conduct Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our code serves as the moral compass that guides us when chasing the miracles of science to improve people’s lives.

Our Code of Conduct is our company’s “constitution” and a pre-requisite, mandatory read for all Sanofi employees and those we do business with. It also represents a public commitment to our stakeholders – healthcare professionals, patients, scientists, investors – who are entitled to know what we as Sanofians value and how we are playing to win with integrity.

Paul Hudson

Chief Executive Officer

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We work in an industry whose purpose is to innovate to save people’s lives and preserve public health. Such a unique purpose comes with heightened expectations. Responsible innovation is therefore at the heart of everything we do and this Code of Conduct supports us along that journey.

Julien Durand

Chief Ethics & Business Integrity Officer

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Sanofi Culture and Strategy

We are one Sanofi, a modern healthcare company bringing together dedicated, talented people and innovative science to transform the practice of medicine. Today, we are driven by a unifying purpose: we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. We share a common ambition: turning the impossible into the possible for millions of people around the world.
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Ethics and Risk culture

To chase the miracles of science, we need a strong moral compass. A bold and noble purpose like ours requires a culture that drives and is driven by ethics and business integrity. It means all of us bring our best ethical selves to work so that we make the right decisions for the people we serve.
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Maximize opportunities & minimize risks

Discover how we maximize opportunities while minimizing risks.

  • Championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    At Sanofi, we want to reflect the diversity of our communities, unleashing our whole selves every day to transform the practice of medicine. We want to make an impact in the world through who we are, what we do, and the way we do it, and we recognize that the only way to really do this is to do it together and by being “All In”.

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  • Respecting People, Fostering Psychological Safety and Wellbeing

    As our purpose is to improve people’s lives, we are committed to upholding respect for every individual around the world. This includes the physical and psychological health, safety, and wellbeing of Sanofians as well as our respect for human rights and freedoms, labor rights, and decent work among all people.   

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  • Safeguarding Data Privacy and Protecting Information

    Sanofi is committed to data privacy and information security at every level of our organization for the benefit of patients, our employees, and stakeholders and to ensure full compliance with regulatory obligations.

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  • Commercialization of Products and Services

    Sanofi is committed to the sustainable and long-term success of our company aligned with our strategy. In order to uphold our purpose and ambition, we work with all stakeholders to help ensure our commercialization approach promotes patient and societal welfare, complies with laws and regulations, and operates ethically and with integrity.

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  • Engaging Business Partners

  • Competing Freely and Fairly

    Sanofi strives to deliver better outcomes for patients, communities, and stakeholders by providing groundbreaking therapies at the right time and for the right reasons. We support a level playing field in which companies freely and fairly chase the miracles of science without undue advantage.

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  • Fighting Bribery and Corruption

    Sanofi does not tolerate any form of bribery or abuse of power for personal gain, both among our employees and business partners, as well as among stakeholders involved in chasing the miracles of science to improve patients’ lives.

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  • Protecting the Environment

    Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Sanofi’s immediate and long-term success requires decisive leadership to protect our planet and the natural air, land, and water environment that humanity depends on.

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  • Committing to Society

    Our approach to social impact is to strengthen, reaffirm, and amplify our commitment to society and the communities we serve. Our social impact is enabled by three efforts:

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  • Utilizing Social Media and Communicating Responsibly

    At Sanofi, we ensure that our stakeholders can hear from and engage with us, including through social media and digital platforms. We recognize this requires us to communicate responsibly and are fully committed to doing so.

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  • Preserving Benefit-Risk Balance

    Sanofi is committed to transparent communication about its products, while ensuring information about the efficacy, safety profile and services are routinely updated.

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  • Accelerating Research and Development with Scientific Integrity

  • Interacting with Stakeholders

    Sanofi is committed to maintaining patient focus as well as acting with integrity, respect, legitimate intent, transparency, and accountability when interacting with stakeholders.

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  • Maintaining Financial Integrity

    We are committed to the integrity of Sanofi’s financial activities to realize our purpose, ensuring our role as a trusted partner in serving public health needs and expanding health innovation. Financial integrity is vital to protect the patients we serve as well as our employees, stakeholders, and the financial markets.

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  • Sustaining Good Operating Practices

    At Sanofi we manufacture and distribute products of the highest quality worldwide to improve people’s lives.

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  • Transforming Medicine through Digital Health

    Sanofi is leveraging technology to transform the practice of medicine and create a safe and ethics-by-design environment for digital solutions.

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